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A unique concept of Ayurveda developed by ancient Rishis through which parents can have a baby with all the psycho-physiological attributes parents

A child’s rearing and development begin from the time it is conceived, rather than once it is born. In fact, all the basics of life are learnt through the pregnant mother. Her joys and suffering, her food and exercise, her thoughts and emotions, everything has an impact on the fetus. That is why since time immemorial they say that a mother during pregnancy must devote her time in spiritual/religious practices. What was the age-old practices in Indian families regarding rearing the child in pregnancy, which we broadly say the practices of Garbh Sanskar, is now being affirmed and supported by modern era researches.

Garbha Snaskar Beneficial to…

  • Newly Married couples
  • Couples planning for a baby
  • Parents having hereditary transmitted disorders
  • Couples suffering from infertility

Ayurved Garbh Sanskar Program mainly consists of…

  • Beej-Shuddhi by Panch Karma
  • Garbhadhan-Vidhi and Aahwaan
  • Pusavan Samskar
  • Garbhini Paricharya

1. Beej-Shuddhi by Panch Karma:

Prior to concievation, its very important that the Matrubeej(Ovum) and Pitrubeej(Sperm) has no deformity and are pure in the biological sense. Impure or deformed Beej are responsible for hereditary deformity and improper concievation resulting in unhealthy or a baby with congenital deformities.

In Ayurveda, Matrubeej and Pitrubeej are purified by means of an appropriate cleansing procedure called Panchkarma.

2. Garbhadhan-Vidhi and Aahwaan:

It is the procedure for concievation. There is a well-developed concievation procedure in the scriptures of Ayurveda, following which properly, is of vital importance in order to invite a pious and virtuous soul to the womb of mother. In Ayurveda, before parents engage themselves in Maithuna, there are Shlokas to be chanted and parents should prepare their mindset in order to invite a sacred, pious and virtuous soul. With this state of mind, parents should engage themselves in the process of Maithuna (sexual intercourse) in a well-defined and sacred way. The parents joining the program are well-informed about this Vidhi (procedure).

3. Pusavan Sanskar:

It is carried out after up to 3 months of concievation. Pusavan Sanskar mainly is meant of good and healthy child. However, in Ayurveda, there is specific guidelines by which parents can get the child of desired sex, i.e. either male or female child. The procedures to have child of desired sex is also covered in Pusavan Sanskar.

4. Garbhini Paricharya:

They are guidelines for food and mental attitude to be maintained by mother during pregnancy. As a fetus grows in the womb, it gets various organs and mental abilities called Indriyas and Mind with the course of time during the nine months of its stay in the womb at a very specific time which is well-described in the scriptures of Ayurveda which is supported by modern research also.

Mother is advised to remain in particular state of mind which is required for the virtues to be developed in the child during pregnancy. this is called Garbhini Paricharya. This involves:

  • Food
  • Reading the scriptures of listening
  • Sleeping
  • Thinking
  • Auto-suggestion
  • visualization
  • Gestures
  • Rules for bodily movement

All of above have very strong and inevitable effect on the development of the child during pregnancy. The mothers are given a specific course of month wise Paricharya prescribed for the desired virtues to be developed in the fetus.

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