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Online Course


Panchakarma therapist

Course Duration
3 Months
Every month 1st Day
2 hour every weekendsk
Course details
1. Fundamentals of Ayurveda
2. Pharamacology of Medicinal Plants
3. Sareera Rachana (Human anatomy)
4. Kriya Shareeram (Human Physiology)
5. Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
6. Panchakarma Therapy
7. Panchkarma medicine preparation
Students can take practical training at our hospital

Basic of ayurveda

Course Duration
1 Year
1st July every year
4 hours in week
Course details
1. Fundamentals of Ayurveda
2. Angatbadha pratishedh (Build Your Immunity)
3. Dravya guna (Ayurved Herbology)
4. Bhaisajya kalpna (Medicine preparation)
5. Ayurved diet and nutrition
6. Common disease and home remedies
8. Sutra chanting

Ayurveda & nutrition

Course Duration
3 Months
Course details
1. Classical ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle foundation (ahar vidhi)
2. Food and the guna (property's of different food items)
3. Digestive system
4. Concept of ama
5. Modern western food & nutrition issues
6. Diet according to prakruti, age, pregnancy, disease
7. Ayurved food recipes.
8. Nutritional consultations
9. Cooking classes
10. Practical days

Physical Course


Physical Ayurveda course is more effective and beneficial than other off-site Ayurveda training courses. Course Consultants will thoroughly discuss your topics and will work with you, by concentrating on the objectives specific to your personal interests. The size and scope of the training can be customized according to your needs.

Our Ayurveda physical training sessions include the following teaching strategies:

  • Expert lectures
  • Practical training
  • Discussions
  • Live demonstration

Individual activities

Who conducts the training?

Training will be conducted by our well qualified Ayurveda doctors of meghdhara ayurveda hospital.

Faculty are very well experienced in Ayurveda and are very fluent in English. If you need then translator also available in your language.


The courses will include practical Ayurveda training, expert lectures, individual demonstrations and exposure of different therapies on trainees themselves.

Ayurveda training material for the specific courses will be provided, to facilitate you to learn Ayurveda smoothly and efficiently.

The theory and practical classes will be conducted from Monday to Friday. One can register for multiple courses at the same time.

We shall provide you a certificate depending upon the attendance and successful completion of the program. We confirm that after your training you will be able to deliver Ayurveda therapies efficiently, in order to help yourself and others.

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